Reliability Engineering is vital to the successful operation of any platform. R9y provides a simple “Tech Tree” that you can follow across multiple areas of your business to achieve the appropriate number of “nines” you need to provide value to your customers

An image of the 3D view of the map

Track your progress

Each “9” of availability is associate with an “Era”, allowing you to track your journey from 90.0% reliability through to 99.999%

An image showing some of the swimlanes and their content

Work across your entire organisation

R9y’s Map has actions to be applied across your entire organisation, including Development, Infrastructure, and even your PeopleOps/HR processes

Visualise dependencies

See how improvements in one area quickly lead to improvements in another

An example of one of the Era Overview Panels

Quickly see the expected outcome of each era

Clicking on the Era name launches a dialog window showing the expected amount of time the platform may be unreliable for each year once all the action items are in place, allowing you to ensure you select the correct number of nines for your scenario

An example of the item details pages

Detailed descriptions of each action

Each action on the map has a dedicated page describing how to implement it, any pre-requisites, useful links to reference material, and other information to help support your implementation

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